Perch Update 2.4.7

We’ve updated Perch with some bug fixes discovered through our support system. This is an update to Perch 2. Please read the full Perch 2.0 update notes if updating from Perch 1.

Do I need to install this?

This update is recommended for those wanting to try the new features or those wanting to receive technical support.

What does it fix?

This release fixes the below issues:

  • Fixes bug with loading form templates when switching between Windows and Unix file systems
  • Fixes a bug with field type JavaScript not loading in for fields in repeaters
  • Fixes a bug with hide-extensions in paging and multiple query values
  • Fixes bug with hard-coded index.php and replaces with configurable PERCH_DEFAULT_DOC
  • Refines how form action URLs are set to more closely match the page URL

What features does it add?

This release adds the following:

  • Adds scope-parent="true" attribute to repeaters to bring parent attributes into scope
  • Adds ‘hide password reset’ setting to hide the link on the login page
  • Adds last login time to users listing
  • Adds new config option PERCH_SSL to indicate SSL is available (defaults to false)
  • Switches control panel to use SSL if PERCH_SSL is set to true.
  • Adds ssl="true" option to form tags to force action to use HTTPS (when PERCH_SSL is set)

What impact does it have for my clients?

This release will only impact those affected by the above fixes.

Where do I get the update?

Log into your account and re-download the files. The download has been replaced with the newest version.

Always make a back-up of your files and database before updating.

Unzip the download and replace your perch/core folder with the new perch/core folder. Perch will update itself when you log in.

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