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How Perch helps you to manage your content management system

Some thoughts on how you can use Perch to follow the recommendations in a recent article on A List Apart.

Why Choose Perch Runway?

We are often asked what the tipping point is, when should you consider upgrading to Runway from Perch? Here are some thoughts.

Creating Website Handover Videos

When handing over a site to a client, a nice way to remind them of how to use their new CMS is to provide them with a little video...

29 Sep 2016

A glimpse of the Perch 2.9 UI

The biggest feature of the Perch 2.9 release will be the shiny new user interface for the Control Panel. We thought that you might like to see how this epic piece of work is coming along.

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11 Aug 2016

Creating AMP Pages with Perch

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a way to build versions of your pages optimised for speed. AMP pages are just another text format – like HTML or RSS. Perch is really great at editing any kind of text format, so I take a look at how we output blog posts as AMP.

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22 Jul 2016

Why should I choose Perch over something else?

We sometimes get emails asking what would make Perch a good choice over other content management systems. Often, the person asking the question has been tasked with researching a big list of CMSs and has been asked to report back which is the best.

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19 Apr 2016

Promotions and discounts in Perch Shop

One important tool in encouraging customers to buy from your store is the ability to create an array of promotions and special offers. While there are almost infinite ways to combine various discounts and offers, Perch Shop provides a flexible set of options to cover most requirements and to help tempt those customers in.

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