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Rapid content relationships in Perch Runway

Perch Runway brings the powerful Collections feature to Perch, and a new template tag perch:related. Here’s how I used it to add testimonials to the Perch website.

Should I use Collections or an app?

With more Perchers choosing to build sites on Perch Runway and trying out Runway with a Developer license on their personal sites, we thought it would be worth discussing more...

Perch Templates for Material Design Lite

Material Design Lite lets you add a Material Design look and feel to your websites. Perch is ideally suited to creating templates for use with this framework. I take a...

14 Aug 2015

Creating Website Handover Videos

When handing over a site to a client, a nice way to remind them of how to use their new CMS is to provide them with a little video walking them through the system. Here at Perch we create a lot of video using inexpensive tools. In this post I’ll show you how we do it.

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12 Aug 2015

Perch Tips: Using Layouts

For elements common to many pages you could use PHP includes with Perch, however Perch has the Perch Layouts functionality, which gives you some extra features. Find out more in this tip.

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24 Jun 2015

Does your CMS value the time of content editors?

The control panel is the place where content editors have to come to edit and update content on their site. They have to use the system day after day, long after the developer has moved on to other projects. At Perch we really value their time, and try and make sure the control panel works to help them keep the content on the site as fresh as the day it was launched.

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