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24 Jun 2015

Does your CMS value the time of content editors?

The control panel is the place where content editors have to come to edit and update content on their site. They have to use the system day after day, long after the developer has moved on to other projects. At Perch we really value their time, and try and make sure the control panel works to help them keep the content on the site as fresh as the day it was launched.

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16 Jun 2015

Selling digital products with Perch Shop

One important feature of the new Perch Shop is the ability to sell digital products and services. As a business reliant on selling digital products ourselves, we’re all too aware of the need to manage this well, and how it is so often neglected in ecommerce solutions.

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9 Jun 2015

Building your next Perch site on Perch Runway

Since our launch of Perch Runway last year many long-time Perch customers have moved to Perch Runway for their new site builds. If you know Perch there are surprisingly few differences when developing straightforward sites, and you can take advantage of the more advanced features in Perch Runway as you need them.

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1 Jun 2015

Introducing the new Perch Shop

The brand new Perch Shop Add-on is a full-featured e-commerce solution for Perch and Perch Runway. Use Perch Shop with Perch Runway and you have a powerful and flexible e-commerce solution for the biggest of online stores. Coupled with Perch it enables simple stores to be created – perfect for anyone wanting to sell a few items from their website.

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18 May 2015

Content Models with Perch Runway

Perch has always had structured content at the core, and both versions of the product enable intelligent, structured content and the use of content models. While standard Perch ties that content to pages, the Collections feature in Perch Runway enables flexible structured content. I take a look at how Perch Runway enables intelligent use of content in your projects.

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7 May 2015

End of the road for Perch 1

As we announced last year, May 31st will mark the end-of-life of Perch 1. From June 1st we will no longer be offering support for the version one product.

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