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Looping Data in Perch

In Perch there are various ways of creating repeating content, most of which happen via your templates rather than by messing around inside a PHP loop on the page!...

Perch Templates for Material Design Lite

Material Design Lite lets you add a Material Design look and feel to your websites. Perch is ideally suited to creating templates for use with this framework. I take a...

Working with content in Perch - the Custom Functions

If you want to sort, filter and re-use the data you have added to Perch then you need the perch_content_custom function. In the first of a series of posts, I...

19 Apr 2016

Promotions and discounts in Perch Shop

One important tool in encouraging customers to buy from your store is the ability to create an array of promotions and special offers. While there are almost infinite ways to combine various discounts and offers, Perch Shop provides a flexible set of options to cover most requirements and to help tempt those customers in.

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11 Apr 2016

Perch Shop v1.0

Today we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of Perch Shop – a flexible and powerful e-commerce add-on for both Perch and Perch Runway.

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29 Mar 2016

The future of PHP 5.3 support

One of the great challenges in developing Perch is dealing with a vast array of different hosting environments that the software needs to run on. From a client’s old $5-a-month shared hosting account to a cutting edge cloud-provisioned virtual server, the same Perch codebase needs to run in vastly disparate conditions.

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15 Jan 2016

Getting to Grips with Conditionals

The Perch template language has lots of ways to control the output based on the content being used. This can range from simple tests to see if something exists, though to doing different things depending on the iteration within a loop.

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