Perch Update 2.1

We’ve updated Perch with a number of new features and bug fixes discovered through our support system. This is an update to Perch 2. Please read the full Perch 2.0 update notes if updating from Perch 1.

Do I need to install this?

This update is recommended for those experiencing the below issues, those wanting to use new features, and those wanting to receive technical support.

What does it fix?

This release fixes the below issue:

  • Fixes an issue which caused occasional ‘blank’ admin pages on some hosting configurations
  • Switches image resizing to use GD by preference, to avoid problematic ImageMagick installations
  • Fixes a bug where sibling navigation would show hidden pages
  • Reinstates resource cleanup for any new resources added (unfortunately, old resources will need to be cleaned up manually)
  • Prevents aria-* attributes on form fields being incorrectly stripped out
  • Fixes a bug with dataselectfieldtypes not working within apps

What features does it add?

  • Adds multiple filters to perch_content_custom
  • Adds multiple page options to perch_content_custom: 'page'=>array('/property.php', '/property_archive.php') or 'page'=>'/property*'
  • New perch_search_form() function for easily outputting a search form
  • New density attribute on images (default 1)
  • New sharpen attribute on images 0-10 (default 4)
  • Image fieldtype has new output="tag" mode for quick output of basic tags
  • Adds resource buckets
  • Adds config/buckets.php for specifying custom resource buckets
  • Adds bucket attribute for resource buckets.
  • Adds navigation groups
  • New method PerchSystem::get_page() to get path as Perch sees it.
  • Switched DB connection library from mysql to PDO, will fallback to MySQLi
  • New DB options: PERCH_DB_CHARSET, PERCH_DB_PORT, PERCH_DB_SOCKET. Leave all unset unless you know you need them.
  • New PERCH_TZ config variable for setting timezone (also set during setup)
  • Textile now using HTML5 mode if PERCH_HTML5 is true
  • Updated Textile to 2.5.0 (including fixes for links with spaces in them)
  • New PERCH_RWD config option for omitting width and height on Textile images
  • New template value id="_page" for content regions
  • New type="cms" form field for inserting hidden CMS field without using type="submit"
  • Adds 'sort-type'=>'numeric' to perch_content_custom()
  • Adds urlencode="true" attribute to template tags
  • perch:if @format@ attribute now works with id as well as different
  • New return-html option for use with skip-template in perch_content_custom().
  • dataselect options can now be space-delimited field IDs
  • Adds padding formatting option format="P:length|string|left"
  • Adds hide-default-doc and add-trailing-slash options to search results
  • Many performance and memory footprint improvements
  • New update mechanism

What impact does it have for my clients?

This update should not have any impact on users unless they are experiencing the above issues.

A note about database connections

Forthcoming changes in PHP mean that Perch 2.1 now uses a different method of connecting to the database. As part of that, we’ve taken the decision to explicitly select a UTF8 character set for the database connection. If your site currently doesn’t use a UTF8 connection, and you use non-ASCII characters in your content, you can set Perch to use your old character set in the perch/config/config.php file. e.g.

define('PERCH_DB_CHARSET', 'latin1');

Where do I get the update?

Log into your account and re-download the files. The download has been replaced with the newest version.

Always make a back-up of your files and database before updating.

Unzip the download and replace your perch/core folder with the new perch/core folder. Perch will update itself when you log in.

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