About Perch

What is Perch and who makes it?

What is special about Perch?

Perch is a product developed by edgeofmyseat.com. We launched Perch in 2009 with an idea that content management shouldn’t be complicated, expensive or time-consuming to implement on existing websites. We wanted a drop-in CMS, but one that didn’t force you to compromise your front-end development.

Almost eight years later Perch is still based upon that idea, and has developed to stay right up to date with modern web development.

I love getting quality websites live within a week, and Perch fits really well into this process.

Carl Wood, White October

Straightforward development

At the heart of Perch is that you can take an HTML page, add a Perch Region, reload the page and it will appear in the Control Panel. Pick a template and you are editing content! Those templates are all available for you to customize, to fit with the mark-up and design you want.

There is a lot more to Perch, but that core idea means that when you do just need to make a small site quickly content managed, we don’t get in the way. There is no need to turn your entire site into a theme, and you can use the front-end frameworks, or JavaScript plugins that you want.

Designed for small sites … but with somewhere to grow

Perch is designed to be a solution for smaller websites. This means that the content editing experience isn’t cluttered with things your client will never need. Small sites sometimes grow - and with Perch you have somewhere to grow to. Our Perch Runway solution is designed for large, content-driven sites and is a quick and easy upgrade from Perch. You never need worry that building small will mean staying small.

We care about …

Speed - your site should load quickly. Couple Perch with well optimized front-end code and you’ll be heading for standout results at WebPageTest, and very happy clients with every project you ship.

Content editors - your clients or content editors should feel confident in making changes to their website. Our Perchers tell us client phone calls asking for support drop when they move a site to Perch.

Web standards - the Perch founders were both Web Standards project members, and Rachel is an Invited Expert to the CSS Working Group! We care deeply about the web, and about creating a solution that helps our customers to create great websites.

About the Perch Team

Perch was created by Drew McLellan and Rachel Andrew from development consultancy edgeofmyseat.com. Both Drew and Rachel have been web developers since the late-1990s, and Rachel founded edgeofmyseat.com as a development consultancy in 2001.

They were members of the Web Standards Project, and Rachel is an invited expert to the W3C CSS working Group. They care about good code, robust websites and future friendliness!