Release and update news for Perch and our official add-ons.

The below feed is updated with news of new releases, app releases and updates and notable additions to our documentation or support material.

26 Jan 2016

Perch Update 2.8.24

Perch and Perch Runway 2.8.24 is now available. It fixes some bugs with radio buttons and authentication plugins.

14 Jan 2016

Perch Update 2.8.22

Perch and Perch Runway 2.8.22 is now available. It fixes some bugs with Markdown parsing and resource buckets, and adds extra information to the diagnostics report.

14 Dec 2015

Perch Update 2.8.19

Perch and Perch Runway 2.8.19 is now available. It fixes some bugs and improves compatibility with newer versions of MySQL.

6 Dec 2015

Perch Podcasts 1.2

An update to the Podcasts app to fix some bugs and incompatibilities with recent versions of Perch.

26 Nov 2015

Security patches for MarkItUp

A security vulnerability was found in the MarkItUp editor. The best thing to do is update to the latest Perch. If that’s not possible, patches are available

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