Why choose Perch?

Why use Perch instead of another CMS … or no CMS at all

Before you choose Perch, you might be using any number of content management systems or just building sites using HTML and CSS but now have clients asking if they can edit their content. We think Perch is a great alternative - and thousands of Perchers think so too.

Perch versus Plain HTML and CSS

It’s likely you’ve found us because you are searching for a way to make your sites editable. Perhaps a client has asked to edit a site that you have developed.

If you have never used a CMS before then Perch is a great choice. Find out why here.

Perch versus WordPress

“I’ve had nothing but great feedback – especially from those clients who were using WordPress – they have found it a breath of fresh air.” – Philip Gwynne

Perch is designed for content management from the ground up. We’re not a blogging tool that can be used for content management. This keeps the admin experience streamlined and task focused.

Many people have come to Perch and Perch Runway from WordPress, read some of the reasons they have given us for moving.

Perch versus Your Own CMS

“I used to write my own CMS and hated having to work with bloated and confusing platforms (i.e. Wordpress). Perch was the closest match to how my CMS worked in terms of templating and content, so it was easy to learn and I was immediately converted!” – Jack Barber

Basing some or all of your future projects on Perch could be a smart move. The basic Perch project is ideal for those smaller projects you work on. Perch Runway provides a solid base for content driven sites, leaving you to concentrate on the truly custom parts of the application you need to deliver.

We have an API for those custom needs, and you could even create Apps to sell as add-ons for other Perchers! Find out more here.