Perch vs. WordPress

Streamline your workflow and speed up your sites

Many people have come to Perch and Perch Runway from WordPress, these are some of the reasons they have given us for moving.

Perch is a real CMS not a blog used for a CMS

Perch is designed for content management from the ground up. We’re not a blogging tool that can be used for content management. This keeps the admin experience streamlined and task focused.

A Solution for web professionals

Perch is designed for web designers and developers to implement for their clients. We do not chase the end user market, we’re interested in providing the features you need when building websites for clients to update themselves. This keeps us focused on your needs.

Perch customers report that the amount of time they need to spend training clients is slashed when they use Perch. The interface makes sense to content editors and you can customize the experience by creating templates and adding help text.

Use the frameworks and front-end techniques you enjoy

Perch has no themes to battle with, and you are in control of all of the markup output by Perch by way of templates.

We make it easy for you to take advantage of the frameworks you love using. In this video I implement a page using the new Foundation framework.

Designed to be fast

Perch has been designed to be fast. We’re constantly looking at how to make delivering your content more efficient in order that you can have the fastest possible site. These days that’s really important as Google is using loading time as a ranking indicator - a slow site may not perform as well in search engines.

We also make sure the control panel is fast. While you can do a lot with a poorly performing site by adding caching, you can’t cache the admin. We work hard to ensure that we don’t slow down the work your client needs to do to keep their site up to date - even if they have large amounts of content.

Included support by the Perch team

Our support is included with your license purchase, and is delivered by the Perch team. Our Perch community are also happy to help but you won’t be left relying on community support when you have a client expecting their site live.

With tight control over the codebase and no requirement to rely on third party plugins or frameworks we can ensure that security takes top priority at Perch.

Give yourself room to grow

Your site has somewhere to grow with Perch. If you start out with basic Perch and your needs change, the power of Perch Runway is a simple upgrade away. You won’t find your site struggling under load or growing requirements and need to rebuild it. We’ve also got a powerful API that will be a breath of fresh air to anyone used to building plugins for WordPress.