Perch vs. static HTML and CSS

How Perch can help you offer a CMS to clients for the first time

It’s likely you’ve found us because you are searching for a way to make your sites editable. Perhaps a client has asked to edit a site that you have developed.

The easy way to move a site to a CMS

If you have never used a CMS before then Perch is a great choice. Unlike many other systems Perch can be added to your existing site, rather than you needing to build the whole site using Perch.

You can make just a few parts of a site editable, or everything. If all your client wants to do today is edit a news block on their homepage, you can be up and running in minutes - knowing that when they ask for just one more thing to be editable, that will be easy to do.

You add Perch to your pages rather than having to create a theme. This makes Perch a solution that should not change how you develop sites too much. You can still build out a static site and add Perch right at the last minute. All of your favourite tools, and your workflow can remain the same.

The Perch template language is tag based, so should seem familiar if you are used to writing HTML. For basic template creation you won’t find yourself needing to write PHP.

Perch is designed to play nicely with modern methods of front-end development. We care about that too. We use Perch in our own projects so when any new tool or technique comes along we’ll be trying it to make sure the workflow makes sense.

We have great support. You’ll not be alone in being new to using a CMS, we try and give as much help as possible by way of an extensive library of free video tutorials. Sometimes however you just need to ask a question - and in that case we’re here to help in the friendly support forums.