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In episode one of the Perch podcast we talk about some things we could talk about, update you on what we have been doing and answer some questions from Twitter.

Links to some of the things we have been doing

Questions from Twitter

We asked Perchers on Twitter if they had any questions for us. If you would like us to answer your questions in another episode then Tweet @grabaperch and we’ll do our best. The below links are from our responses.

Original blog post about add-ons, Our policy on commercial add-ons

The Perch API documentation.

Using Perch with a front controller – useful information if you want to use Perch alongside another MVC framework.

Creating Field Types using the Perch API.

People love Perch

Running a software business

We’ve been listening to the bootstrapped.fm podcast from Ian Landsman and Andrey Butov. Ian makes HelpSpot, so if you are a Percher who has ever asked for support or posted to the forum you have used HelpSpot.

My blog post about moving back to working from home rather than having an office – Working from home and the proper business