Pricing news from Perch

Perch will be four years old come the end of May, and has come a long way from the simple content editor that we launched with. It’s amazing to think that when we launched, Perch couldn’t even resize images! We’ve come a long way.

Last year we launched a new major version, version 2, making Perch suitable for much larger and more complex sites. We’re also committed to continuing to offer our free and unlimited support as well as free official add-ons for the product. This includes ever more complex functionality such as the new Members App launching soon.

One thing hasn’t changed since we launched in 2009 and that is the price per license, despite Perch having much more functionality than the original version. We think our per site pricing model works really well for most Perchers so we don’t want to change that, however we are announcing a price increase today. From April Perch will cost £50 / $79 / €59 plus VAT per site, everything else will remain exactly the same.

This has no impact on existing licenses as Perch is a one-off cost.

We will be freezing the price of upgrades for Perch 1 to Perch 2 at £25. No changes there, making upgrades great value.

Hopefully you have noticed that we are announcing our price increase a whole month before applying it. This is because we understand that many of you include the CMS cost in your quotes. We wanted to make sure you could buy the product at the cost you expected. For the rest of March Perch will remain at the current price per license. We have no problem with people taking advantage of buying a few licenses at the old price before the increase kicks in!

The increase also makes our developer programme even better value. We are maintaining the same discount percentage for Registered Developers. So you save a larger amount per license in addition to having a listing on the Perch website. If you develop a lot of sites with Perch check it out. Developers have reported success in getting work from the listing, and it is where we point people who are looking for someone to design them a Perch site.