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11 Aug 2016

Creating AMP Pages with Perch

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a way to build versions of your pages optimised for speed. AMP pages are just another text format – like HTML or RSS. Perch is really great at editing any kind of text format, so I take a look at how we output blog posts as AMP.

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8 Apr 2015

Looping Data in Perch

In Perch there are various ways of creating repeating content, most of which happen via your templates rather than by messing around inside a PHP loop on the page! In this post I’ll introduce them and suggest when you might use each one.

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16 Jan 2015

Adding markup to some items in a Multiple Item Region

Sometimes when you are repeating items in a multiple item region you need to insert some markup between every so many items. This pattern happens a lot in the Bootstrap framework, where you need to add row divs around rows of items.

Perch makes this easy to do with perch:before and perch:after with the perch:every tag.

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12 Jan 2015

Getting the best out of CMS edit forms

Something we hear over and over again from Perchers is how using Perch cuts down the amount of time spent training and supporting clients in using their CMS. You can cut that time down even more by using some of the tools in Perch for adding help and tweaking edit forms to make them logical to complete.

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8 Sep 2014

Perch and the Bootstrap Framework

Bootstrap can be a really handy framework if you need to put together a site quickly. Perch is a great CMS for rapid development of content managed sites, so it isn’t surprising that we often get asked if Perch plays nicely with Bootstrap.

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