The Perch Future Survey

When we released Perch 2.4, we aimed to fix lots of little things in Perch, improving your workflow and the experience of your editors. Most of the improvements in 2.4 were based on the things we have seen requested in support, or that we knew had tripped people up.

In the last year we’ve also released big features such as Repeaters, a feature that was top of the customer request list. We work really hard to take Perch in the direction that is most useful to you.

However our statistics show that we only ever hear from 25% of our Perchers, and only 10% regularly. That means there are many of you building site after site with Perch, who we never hear from. We don’t know whether the data we have from the people who do talk to us is at all representative of the entire customer base.

To ensure that any decisions we make about the future of Perch represent all Perchers we are launching our very first survey today. It should take between 5 – 10 minutes to complete (unless you want to write essays in the comment boxes!) and we will be using the information to inform the decisions we make over the next year.

Even if you haven’t used Perch yet – or used to use it but haven’t recently – we would love to know your thoughts.

Take the Survey