Registered Developers to the rescue!

We love our Registered Developers here at Perch. There is a huge amount of Perch experience in that group and we enjoy hearing from people who have found a developer via the listing.

The biggest perk of being a Perch Registered Developer is that you get a listing on the Perch website. Success stories we’ve heard about from that listing include Perchers finding someone to help with overflow work, or in creating a custom add-on, but the listing is also really useful for the Perch team.

Perch will be seven years old at the end of May 2016. There have been many thousands of websites built using Perch in that time and, as happens, some of those end clients have lost touch with their web designer. We get several emails a week from people who have a Perch site and no web designer, and want changes made or Perch updated. That’s not something we are in a position to do. So we send them to the Registered Developer listing.

If you are a Registered Developer and are happy to take on existing websites it would be very much worthwhile noting that in your listing. In future we may make that an option you can check in your account so the list can be filtered. If you are not currently a Registered Developer but would like to have more clients, and especially if you would be happy to take on customers who already use Perch and need some help – sign up. We would love to be able to help out more these people, who are happy using our software but need someone to help them with design and development.

If you find yourself in a position where you are needing to hand over clients, perhaps you are moving away from freelance work, please also take a look at that listing. If you can hand clients over to someone you’ll be doing both your clients a favour and also another Percher. You’ll also be helping out the Perch team who are spending an increasing amount of time trying to match up end clients and helpful designers!