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Who are registered developers?

The Perch Registered Developer programme is open to any individual freelancer or company who develops sites using Perch. Our aim is to promote companies who use Perch and also to provide a listing for people who are looking for someone to build a site or Perch add-on. In this way we hope the network will be beneficial to the members but also to the entire community.

What are the benefits of membership?

A customisable entry in our Registered Developer listing on the Perch website, advertising your services to Perch customers looking for help (optional)

Early pre-release access to beta versions of Perch and official add-ons

A feather icon is displayed alongside your replies in our forum to highlight your status.

A private Slack channel in the Perch Chat to talk with use and other Registered Developers.

And if that wasn’t enough, a 15% discount on all Perch licenses for the length of your subscription

What does membership cost?

Membership costs £120 / €149 / $169 per year (plus VAT if applicable).

Are members assessed or vetted?

We do not assess members of the programme. By charging a subscription fee we feel that this will mainly be attractive to companies who purchase a number of Perch licenses each year, and who will thus benefit from both the directory listing and the discount.

Therefore we hope that most people represented will have a good deal of Perch experience. We encourage anyone using the listing to select a developer to do their own checks as to the quality of work completed by an individual or company.

$169 per year + VAT
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