End of the road for Perch 1

As we announced last year, May 31st will mark the end-of-life of Perch 1. From June 1st we will no longer be offering support for the version one product.

What does this mean for Perch 1 sites?

If you site is happily running on Perch 1, nothing. Your site will of course continue to work. There are no known security or other issues for Perch 1 at this time.

What about upgrades?

From June 1st we will no longer offer upgrade pricing from Perch 1 to Perch 2. Until then you can upgrade a Perch 1 site for 50% of the Perch 2 license cost.

We will also be ending support and updates to the Upgrade App which migrates your content to Perch 2. As Perch 2 becomes more fully featured keeping that App able to perform a seamless upgrade takes development effort for something now used by very few customers.

Support and documentation

Ending Perch 1 support also means we will be retiring the old support system completely and removing the old documentation at that point. It currently mostly serves to confuse people anyway!

What should you do if you have Perch 1 sites?

If you have ongoing projects that are still on Perch 1 we would recommend upgrading now from within your account, while you can do so at a lower cost and with support to do so. Although there are no known issues with Perch 1 it is not unfeasible that at some point changes to PHP itself could mean that things used by Perch 1 become deprecated or removed from the language.

The update is easy to do and will mean that you are then on track with the latest releases of Perch. Rest assured we have no plans for a “Perch 3” paid upgrade in the near term!