Perch 1 End of Life announcement

Today we are announcing that we will be ending support for Perch 1, and upgrades to Perch 1 licenses from the 1st of June 2015.

We see very few support requests relating to Perch 1 at this point, being almost two years since launch of Perch 2. However maintaining support, documentation and updating the upgrade app for each release does constitute an overhead. Time spent on this being time that would serve you better if put into features for Perch 2, official apps and documentation.

In addition PHP has moved on from the base version we used when writing Perch 1, and as time passes we will see more issues as hosts update PHP to versions that deprecate functions used in that old version.

We’re giving 12 months notice, as we hope that this gives you time to arrange to update Perch 1 sites to Perch 2 if you wish to continue to receive support and updates. If you’re happy to continue running Perch 1 without support, that’s just fine too.

To upgrade a license, log into your account, edit that license and buy an upgrade. If you have any questions before upgrading drop us a line at and for support with your upgrade just head over to and we’ll be happy to help.