Perch Update 2.8.5

We’ve updated Perch with some new features and bug fixes discovered through our support forums. This is an update to Perch and Perch Runway.

Do I need to install this?

This update is recommended for those experiencing the below issues or those wanting to receive technical support.

What does it fix?

This release fixes the below issues:

  • Fixes bug with missing CSS on update screen
  • Makes further improvements to URLification of content strings
  • Fixes CSS issues with UI at smaller screen sizes
  • Fixes a bug with block IDs being added to searchable field content
  • Fixes a bug with multiple repeaters not working inside a single block
  • Toughens up setup security to reduce risks if setup folder is accidentally deployed

What features does it add?

This release adds the following features and improvements:

  • Adds new “manage assets” priv for turning Assets app on and off
  • API: Adds “assets.create_image” and “assets.create_upload” events
  • API: adds default runtime filters for apps
  • API: apps can now specify a callback for generating form fields in Settings

What impact does it have for my clients?

This update should have little or no impact for your clients unless they were experiencing any of the above issues. Perch 2.8 made are subtle UI changes to the MarkItUp editor, which may be worth mentioning.

Where do I get the update?

Log into your account and re-download the files. The download has been replaced with the newest version.

Always make a back-up of your files and database before updating.

  1. Unzip the download and replace your perch/core folder with the new perch/core folder.
  2. Perch will update itself when you log in.

If updating from an version older than Perch 2.8:

  1. Copy over the perch/addons/plugins/editors/markitup folder to update the MarkItUp editor.
  2. Be sure to update any installed apps to the latest versions

Important note

If updating from a very old version, it is safe to update in one go, but please review the older update notes to make sure you don’t miss instructions.

We always advocate updating your staging or development copy of the site and testing the changes first. We do not recommend updating a live site without checking everything’s going to work first.

Previous updates

Perch and Perch Runway are typically updated a few times each month. View a full list of updates to see what you’ve missed.