Perch Update 1.2

We’ve updated Perch with a number of new features and a small number bug fixes for issues discovered via our support system.

Do I need to install this?

There’s no need to install immediately. You should update when it’s next convenient to do so. There’s lots of new functionality that you can benefit from once you update.

What does it fix?

This release fixes the below issues:

  • Slashes in tag attributes (e.g. date formats) causing the value not to be recognised
  • URLs with multiple consecutive slashes (e.g. /about///) causing bogus pages to be shown
  • Colour contrast issues in alert styles
  • Link to docs in Help section fading out after a few seconds
  • Images being scaled up, when they should only scale down.
  • ‘Invalid method (HTTP verb)’ error during login for some IIS users
  • Bug in setup with language translations trying to access DB before DB is configured.
  • CSS tweaks for editors using the IE6 browser

Users experiencing these issues should update as soon as possible.

What features does it add?

  • Improved keyboard navigation with :focus styles
  • A new time attribute for the date template tag (docs)
  • A new checkbox template tag type (docs)
  • A new hidden template tag type to hide field from edit form (docs)
  • A new suppress="true" template tag attribute to suppress output in HTML (docs)
  • Added a ‘Hide Perch branding’ setting to remove footer credit when required
  • Added a crop="true" option to images to enable image cropping (docs)
  • Conditional template tags can now be nested (docs)
  • A new ‘else’ option for conditional template tags (docs)
  • Special template values perch_item_odd and perch_item_index were added (docs)
  • The ability to toggle between single and multiple items on a region
  • The ability to sort multiple-item regions
  • The ability to limit the number of items output from multiple-item regions
  • The ability to hide a region from Editor users
  • A new perch_content_custom() function for selecting content from across pages (docs)

What impact does it have for my clients?

Editors will not see any significant differences unless they’ve been having problems with the above bugs. Admin users will need to take a moment to familiarise themselves with changes to region options.

Users of non-English language translations will note that a small number of new phases have been added which will not be included in existing translation files. Those phrases will appear in English until they are defined.

Where do I get the update?

Log into your account and re-download the files. The download has been replaced with the newest version.

Make a back-up of your files. Unzip and replace your existing files with the exception of:

  • config
  • resources
  • templates
  • plugins – if you have added to this

These contain information specific to your installation and should not be overwritten. There is no need to copy setup, as you’re already up and running.

Then visit /perch/update in your browser.

That’s all you need to do – Perch is now updated.

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