MarkItUp Security Patches

In November 2015 we spotted and patched a bug in the MarkItUp image uploading plugin that we ship with Perch and Perch Runway. We fixed it and asked everyone to upgrade. We appreciate it’s not always easy to plan a full update of a client site at short notice. We’ve therefore produced a patch file for each release of Perch 2 and one for older Perch 1.8.4 sites too.

Find the file matching your version of Perch or Perch Runway. Go to Settings then Diagnostics in the Perch control panel to find which version you have. Then right-click Save As the file, and upload it into your site over the top of the old one.

These are direct patches for the version you’re already running, so you can upload them in place of your existing file without needing to change anything else. It should have no impact other than to fix the bug.

Perch 2 and Perch Runway

Upload the file as /perch/addons/plugins/editors/markitup/image_upload/image_upload.php

If you’re using version 2.8.15 or above, you’re already patched.

Perch 1

Upload the file as /perch/plugins/editors/markitup/image_upload/image_upload.php