Perch and Perch Runway offer a fantastic solution for clients wondering if a small CMS will scale as their site grows. Start small, rapidly and inexpensively on Perch then upgrade seamlessly to Perch Runway when the time comes.

When choosing a small CMS for a project, a common concern for clients is what will happen if the project grows. Will they have to throw away their site and start again? Will they lose everything they have learned about their CMS and have to re-learn?

This can lead to people using far heftier and expensive technology choices from the outset. It can even lead people to not start a redesign project - they can’t afford to develop the big solution and are afraid to do the small thing.

Perch gives you a great answer to this concern. You can start small with Perch and then upgrade to Perch Runway. The work put into the site is still relevant in Perch Runway and the Admin UI familiar. Upgrading a site is straightforward and we only charge you the difference between the two licenses, so there is no financial penalty for working this way.

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