Perch templates become the content forms editors complete in the Control Panel. Add fields to represent any content, and be sure that your editors always know what to enter.

Some content management systems, such as WordPress, started out as blogging software. They heavily rely on content entered in a large post field using some sort of WYSIWYG Editor for formatting. They then have a concept of custom fields, additions to that large content area to add specific data.

Perch is different as it has structured content as a core feature. Perch could be described as being all custom fields!

This means that you can be as specific as you like about your content when creating a template. You can have a large textarea if you want but you can also create select lists of choices, single lines of text, request an image selection or upload, or even choose a location on a map!

Each template field is a Field Type, and it’s possible to create your own too.

This feature is part of Perch This feature is part of Perch Runway