Not all site content is a page. Larger sites have content stores that need to be reused, related to each other and displayed in different ways. Collections gives you powerful tools to do that.

A Collection is a container for content. For example you might have a collection of Products, of team members or even of features - these feature pages are created using Perch Runway Collections.

Once you have set up a Collection you can create a template that enables content editors to create items in that collection. Once you have your content you can then filter and sort it, display it on a set of pages and reuse it around the site with any number of display templates.

To make it easy for your content editors to find and edit the content you can either create it as a menu item in the Apps menu, or you can add it to a page. So if the content editors expect “features” to show up on the features page in the Control Panel for editing. You can add it there. We’ve found that this approach makes for a far easier experience for editors, they shouldn’t need to know how the site is constructed in order to create content!

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