Current Special Offers from Perch

Portfolio site offer

We know that many of our most valued customers started using Perch for their own freelance portfolio or small agency site. We also know how hard it can be to justify spending money on a license fee for software for your own site, where you are not able to recoup that money from a client.

One of our aims with Perch is to support and improve the businesses of the freelancers and agencies who use it and so we’re offering a special price on licenses to be used on an agency or portfolio site for promoting your web design or development services. We hope that once you try Perch you will love it and want to use it on client sites too!
To take advantage of this offer drop us a line at, letting us know your name and the URL of your agency or portfolio site – the one you will be using Perch for. This should be your own agency or freelance portfolio site. We’ll send you back a special code that will enable you to get a single license at a 50% discount, to use on that website.


Can I have more than one license – we have two sites?

The idea of this offer is for you to try out Perch on one site. So select one and use it for that. If Perch is useful to you then you can get your second license at the regular price when you need it.

I already use Perch on my portfolio site, can I still get a code?

The idea of this promotion is to encourage people to try Perch for the first time. So, sorry! We’re glad you love Perch though.

Does this mean you have new pricing for agencies and freelancers?

This is a one time offer for people to try out Perch on those sort of sites. As explained almost all of our customers are agencies and freelancers, and Perch is an inexpensive product with a one time cost that includes all the support you might need and free first party add-ons.