Consultancy & Training

Get support from the Perch Team

When it comes to building your projects on top of Perch and Perch Runway, your first stop may well be our Registered Developers listing. When it comes to more custom projects, development on top of Perch, or in-house training, we may be able to help


If you’re planning a complex project and need help structuring your approach, we can do that. Perhaps you have multiple systems to integrate, or need advice on how to build your e-commerce site using Shop. Typically suited to projects built with Perch Runway, our consultancy services can provide you with the expert advice and assistance in planning and building your project.

We can hep you structure your site, work on a strategy for searching, filtering and reusing content. We can help integrate systems or use the content APIs to import legacy data for you. We can help conifgure your site to use a CDN, optimise new sites for performance and troubleshoot problematic pages. We can help configure backups, and work with you to define recovery procedures and workflows. And we can help customise your Perch or Runway build so that it can be safely and regularly upgraded without worry.

We work fully remotely, and will plan and cost out work on a time and materials basis.

Prices start from £450 + VAT per day.

In-house training

If your team wants to level up with their Perch and Runway knowledge, we can offer single- or multiple-day customised training directly at your location. We’ll prepare a programme based on your objectives and desired outcomes to help prepare and train your team to be able to build content managed sites quickly and effectively.

As a UK based company we can currently run training in the UK and Europe without requiring work visas. Contact us with your requirements to find out more.

Prices start from £800 + VAT per day, plus expenses

Custom development

Perhaps you need an integration with a specific service, or with a backend system, need to manipulate content in a certain way, or want to integrate Shop with a different payment gateway. Whatever the reason, if you have development requirements that go beyond what you’re able to complete yourself in-house, we may be able to help.

If the work you require doing would benefit the wider Perch community, we can work out a special deal where you get the results you need and we make the finished product generally available. In this way you’d affectively be sponsoring the development of new features.

We work fully remotely, and will plan and cost out work on a time and materials basis.

Prices start from £450 + VAT per day.

Want to know more?

If you like the sound of any of the above, or if you’ve got specific requirements you’d like to discuss, please just drop us a line and we’d be happy to talk it over with you. Send us an email with as much detail as you have available and we can take it from there.