What keeps you from being able to use Perch?

Update 18 August 2011: based in part on the below feedback, we have just released an update to Perch which contains Forms and Search functionality. There are other things mentioned in the comments that are definitely on the roadmap – thanks for telling us what you want to see!

Perch is a small content management system, and we plan to keep it that way. We’re not interested in bloating it out with features you don’t need or won’t use. What we are interested in is making sure that Perch is flexible enough to have functionality available if you do need it.

That’s one of the big ideas behind the add-ons system; you can start with a basic CMS and just add the extra features you need.

When we do develop new functionality, it’s often in direct response to our customer requests. A good example of this is the new Pages app which adds generation of site navigation – a direct response to customer requests. So today we’re asking a very simple question:

On the most recent project where you chose not to use Perch – what stopped you?

What is Perch currently missing that would enable you to choose it for more projects?

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