What is your top feature request for Perch?

This is an old blog post. Since we asked this question, the top feature request “Repeating Regions inside Repeating Regions” has been implemented as Perch Repeaters, the docs have been redesigned, you can update blog authors and much more. Several other things mentioned really fall into the scope of larger sites than Perch is designed for and are part of Perch Runway.

If you could add one feature or ability to Perch what would it be?

To take one top request out of the picture, we already have on the cards something that will address asset re-use and management. It’s at an early stage at the moment but will make it into the core product in the near future.

So, other than asset management, what would you like to see added? We’re especially interested in hearing from those of you who don’t tend to post feature requests in the suggestions forum, although that is always a good place to let us know about things you would like to see.

If you can give us the actual use case where a lack of this feature causes you a problem or means you can’t choose Perch as the solution, even better! It is easy thinking up potential features but we want to make sure any additions have a solid use case behind them. Features are also more likely to end up in the product if we can see where they will be generally useful to a large number of customers as opposed to a highly specific use case.

Add a comment and let us know!