Updates from the Perch and Runway 3 Beta

Some updates from the beta – this post has also been sent out to newsletter subscribers.

Our Perch Registered Developers are currently looking at Beta 10 of Perch and Runway 3, including things like the new Headless CMS functionality and
Import API in Runway. We are getting close. As always, we will ship when we know that things are solid and the product is something you will be happy to update your client sites with.

With Perch & Runway 3 being a free upgrade we expect a lot of people to want to get going right away, and our aim is that you can be confident in doing that.

We asked the beta group this morning what they really liked, and in their words:

The design is the star, no doubt. It just feels much more responsive and easier to navigate.”

“The refreshed UI – excellent on mobile, which is…excellent.”

“Import API and headless stuff – so much to play with, so many ideas to test!”

The refined API is also brilliant. I can see some amazing new apps coming out because of it.”

Simple MDE integration and its preview mode”

“… you’ve obviously put in a whole load of work to improve/enhance everything, whether it’s small performance gains or requests from all of us. The best thing about Perch 3 is Perch 3.”

Drew put together a post for the Runway Blog explaining how the Import API will make it easier to get external data into a Runway Collection. Very useful if you are moving a site from some other system into Perch, or have some data stuck in a hosted service that you would like to pull into your own site.

Can you help us to promote Perch?

There are so many things we would love to do for Perch and Runway, as an independent business there is a direct relationship between number of license sales and what we can afford to do! So if you can mention the things you like about Perch, write about the product, tell your peers, it really helps.

As we are revamping the Perch site for Perch 3 there is something specific we really could do with some help with. People always ask about high profile or high traffic sites that use Perch or Runway. If you have built a site for a name people would know, or have built a site that is very busy and are able to talk about it – please let us know.

A Third Party SEO add-on – Chirp

We’re really pleased to see third party add-ons for Perch, especially those things that require specific knowledge to do well. SEO is one of those things and so we’re excited to see Chirp in Beta alongside Perch and Runway 3. Chirp is from Percher Ryan Gittings, and you can sign up to find out when it launches on the Chirp website.