Tip: Adding help text to your admin form fields - the help attribute

Sometimes you might want to give your content editors a little bit of guidance as to what should go into a field. You can do this in Perch by using the help attribute on template tags. For example:

<perch:content type="text" id="heading" label="Heading" 
  help="Give the article a descriptive title" />

You can use these tips to reinforce the content strategy for the site. Perhaps there is a certain tone that a piece of text should have, or you are keen that editors remember to keep information short and to the point. By using help text carefully, you can use Perch to help maintain the tone of the site. This is a huge benefit of using structured content templates rather than just giving users a text area with WYSIWYG editor to fill in.

Read the documentation for the help attribute, and for more information about using your CMS to maintain your content strategy see this post from Perch developer Rachel Andrew.