The Perch Summit

We often get asked if we will do a Perch Conference, but with Perchers all over the world it would only be possible for a small group to attend should we do something in the UK. The solution? A virtual conference!

The Perch Summit on 10th December 2015 is being run by our friends over at Environments for Humans. They put on a whole series of great online events – I’ve spoken at some of them in the past. They will be making sure that the day runs smoothly – we’ll make sure that the content is top notch.

There conference will run from 9am until around 4pm Central Time, meaning we start at 3pm in the UK. We know it isn’t possible to cover every timezone but hopefully this will catch a lot of you. The recordings are also available after the event if you miss some sessions.

If you are able to be online as we go out live then the chat is always a great feature of these events. We’ll be trying to answer as many questions as we can about Perch and Perch Runway during the sessions. We’ve also added a round table Q&A at the end to cover anything that we don’t discuss earlier.

We hope you’ll join us for a fun day of learning about Perch. It’s the first time we have tried something like this, if it is well attended then we’ll do it again in the future.