The Perch Referral Programme

Perch is nearly five years old and this month we are celebrating by putting into action a few things that we hope our Perchers will enjoy. One of those is the Perch Customer Referral Programme.

The Perch Referral Programme is our way of giving back to those of you who recommend Perch, or link to us from your websites. In your account you will find your unique referral code. Use that code to link to us. Or ask your contact to add the code when creating their account. If they then go on to buy a license we will send your contact a 10% discount to use on their next purchase of Perch and also send you a discount code of 10% (25% if you are a Registered Developer at the time you use it in order that you get your 10% on top of your Registered Developer discount).

You can then use your code next time you need a copy of Perch and enjoy a discount as a little thank you from us.

Full terms of the programme can be found in your account along with some nice little badges to use to link to us if you would like to use them.