The new Swift Migrations tutorial

Many people find following along with video helpful when learning how to use software and so we have had video tutorials since the days of Perch 1. Last year when we launched Perch 2 we updated the tutorial, however with numerous improvements and additions in the software that was already starting to look a bit out of date.

So, as a companion to our new demo sites, we have launched an all-new video tutorial.

The tutorial is based on the Swift Migrations demo, and the step by step tutorial takes you through developing this site from scratch. The Swift Migrations site is a good example of how you might retrofit a site using Perch, so we start with a set of designed HTML pages, install Perch and begin to manage our content. The Swift site includes a contact form using the Forms App and a Blog using the Blog App and our video takes you through installing and using these too.

You can download the starting point files from the introduction video, and the completed page and template code can also be found on GitHub. We hope you find it helpful. Watch this space for additional installments to this series, and video based on techniques used in the Nest demo site.