Price drop for customers paying in Euro or USD

In order that Perch customers who are in the US or Eurozone don’t get hit by bank charges when paying in British Pounds, we offer Perch licenses for sale in three currencies – GBP, USD and Euro. GBP is our main currency and so we use that as a reference when setting the prices for other currencies. We perform a conversion and then fix a price that won’t fluctuate day to day. This enables you to know the price in your preferred currency when quoting to include Perch in a client project.

As most people will be aware we are living in interesting times in the UK. GBP has taken a serious hit against the US dollar and the Euro. In light of that, the time has come to update our currency pricing accordingly. This means that as of today Perch and Runway Developer licenses are $10 and €10 cheaper, Runway licenses $50 and €50 cheaper.

Things may change in the future, but we will give advanced notice if we decide to increase prices – of course you can always stick with GBP if you like.

So, a little bit of good news for our international customers. You can check out the new pricing on the Buy Perch page. Thank you as always for your support of independent software!