Perch site solutions

Many people have asked if we will post a gallery of sites that are using Perch here – however we felt that simply posting a list of sites doesn’t explain how these sites are using Perch.

Instead we have begun to create a set of pages under the section solutions for …. These pages will demonstrate how Perch can be used to create a certain type of website – and link to solutions and apps that are particularly noteworthy. We are also posting on those pages some example sites of that type. These will change and be added to over time.

Don’t forget that the Perch forum also has a Show and Tell thread with an impressive number of sites already posted. We’ll use that forum to find new sites to post in the solutions section so if you would like to see your site on the Perch website please post to the forum. If you can include details of how you have used Perch that would be helpful, as we want to show people just how powerful this little CMS can be.