Perch Runway Developer License

We have been really pleased with the feedback from Perchers who have been using Perch Runway since our launch in October 2014. We know that you love the Dropbox backup, Cloud Storage and CDN Support, the flexibility of Collections and page routing.

We are really keen to see more people using Perch Runway, because we know from Perch how important it is to have people using the product and giving feedback to us. Then we can use that feedback to make Perch Runway even better. We’re not building software for us. We’re building it for you, so we need to know what you want.

To make it easier for you to consider trying Perch Runway we’re offering a Developer License from today. Priced at £50 / $79 / €65 plus VAT at the rate at which it applies to you. This is the regular Perch Runway software, with no limitations, plus access to Perch Add-ons and support as normal. The limitations are around use of the license. You can use it to play around with locally, and you can use it on a personal site. See our page Which Perch Runway License Do I Need? for more details. You can always contact us if you are not sure.

If you need to convert a Perch Runway Developer License into a Standard License, we’ll only charge you the difference between the two so if you realize you need to upgrade the license due to starting to sell things from what was a personal blog, that’s fine.

Converting a Perch 2 License

You may have noticed that a Perch Runway Developer License is the same price as a Standard Perch 2 License. This means that if you currently have a Perch 2 site that meets the license requirements of our Perch Runway Developer license, you can cross-grade in order to use Perch Runway on that site. You might even be one of our Perchers with Perch 2 licenses stockpiled for a rainy day, and you could use one of your “spare” licenses. Details are on the Which Perch Runway License Do I Need? page and also in your account against Perch 2 licenses.

We’d love to see many more of you trying out Perch Runway, and please do let us know what you think!