Perch on GitHub

We’ve started sharing some useful resources on GitHub.

The first of these is our UI translations. The language files are getting bigger as Perch includes more functionality, and it’s less reasonable for one person to translate the entire thing, and not make any errors. By having them on GitHub, anyone can contribute something new, suggest an improved translation, or correct an error. We’ve already accepted our first pull request and hope there’ll be many more.

We’ve also added a couple of example sites. These include pages and Perch templates from working sites which might serve as useful reference when building your own. It’s always interesting to see how other people do things.

The first is example pages from Rachel’s personal site. It shows the use of Feathers, the Blog and Events apps, as well as the new layout functionality.

The second is 24 ways, a more complex site that uses Perch to publish articles with comments (but not using a blog). Again, it shows the use of layouts, and in particular, how you can build pages without mixing code and HTML.

We hope you find them useful.