Perch Meetups

We have discussed on the podcast the possibility of doing some Perch meetups. Rather than just talking about it we thought we would find out where people were who wanted to meet up, and see if we could set some up.

For the purposes of meetups we have created a new mailing list, only for notifying people of meetups they might be interested in, and mostly to enable us to gauge interest. You can sign up to that list directly on MailChimp.

What will a meetup involve?

At the moment we are thinking relatively low-key. We’ll show up, put some money behind the bar and chat about Perch. The exception to that would be if you have an existing meetup, with a talks format for example. If you wanted to invite us along we could do a relevant talk, or demo, informal Q&A or whatever works for you.

Why that list of locations?

We are based in the South of the UK. Therefore some locations are easier and less expensive for us to get to than others. So the initial list is pretty much weighted to places we can get to where we know there are a lot of you. We also already have trips planned for conferences to some places and could potentially tack a Perch meetup onto those trips. So that’s why those places.

That said, we wouldn’t rule out going elsewhere if there are enough Perchers interested – especially if there is an existing event we could be part of, or do a meetup afterwards.

We are more likely to consider any location (either on our list or otherwise) if there is someone local who could help organize/advertise/find a friendly pub or other place to actually hold the meetup.

Does it need to be a pub meetup?

Not at all – but that’s often an easy way to do an informal meetup. Drop us a line if you have some other idea. We will happily discuss Perch over breakfast, lunch or over coffee. This is where having local insight would be really useful. If you already know of people who use Perch and would be interested in a certain sort of thing, we’d happily accommodate.

Please sign up to the list if meetups interest you, we’ll only email meetup related stuff and very occasionally. However it gives us an easy way to email everyone who is interested in a meetup and can get to Leeds, for example.

If you are an event organizer and want to chat about having one or other of us speak at your event, or have some other thoughts around this then drop us a line at so we can discuss it.