Perch 2.6 Release

Perch 2.6 is now available and should be ready to download in your accounts against any Perch 2 license.

We’ve already let you know about the headline feature for 2.6 – Categories. This new core app will allow you to create sets of categories and use them throughout your content. As we roll first party app updates in the coming weeks you’ll find that categories can be used across the Apps as well. We’re really looking forward to seeing what you do with these.

We’ve released a tutorial video showing how to make a simple portfolio using Perch Content and Categories.

Watch the video on our documentation site.

You can also take a look at the Categories Documentation.

Other updates in Perch 2.6

We’re starting to lay some of the groundwork that is required for Perch Runway. If you are on our Runway announcements list you’ll be hearing more about that in our update emails. We want to make it easy for Perch sites to be upgraded to Runway as they grow, and also for add-on developers to be able to create Add-ons that work across both products.

If you look at the update notes you’ll notice information about our internal system for event hooks, enabling you to run code when certain events are fired. We’re currently working on updating our API documentation and we’ll be talking a bit more about this in the next week or so. If you are developing add-ons for Perch this system will give you a lot of new possibilities.

Logic in perch:if exists

You can now add logic when using the Perch Conditional perch:if exists. This means you can check for multiple conditions, for example:

<perch:if exists="desc AND (title OR image)">
Output something.

Slug field type enhancements

If you are creating a slug out of another field in your template you can now give content editors the ability to update that to something else.

Take a look at the full release notes, and we hope you enjoy using Perch 2.6.