Perch 2.5 now available

Perch 2.5 is now available for purchase and in your account as a free update for any Perch 2 license. This is our biggest feature release since the launch of Perch 2 in that it includes the much requested Assets management and reuse feature.

You can get a brief idea of how Assets work by watching this video. Assets is much more than simply image management. It provides a method to manage all of the different types of file you might want to use in your content, giving methods to help you find and reuse them.

This is a big release, in addition to Assets we have made changes to Textile and in particular Markdown. If you are a Markdown user read all about the change here. We’re now supporting Parsedown Extra, giving you a whole range of extra features if you want to author your content using Markdown.

Important notes if upgrading

We’ve been letting you know since last year, but Perch 2.5 now requires PHP5.3. You must make sure that you are on at least PHP5.3 before updating your site. You can check your PHP version in the Diagnostics Report.

If you use any of the following official Apps, you will also need to upgrade these:

If your site makes heavy use of Gallery, you may want to wait a few days until Perch Gallery is updated before updating that site.