People love Perch: WeCreate

We love to hear how much People love Perch and this interview is with WeCreate, a digital agency in Reading, UK.

Tell us a little bit about yourself

WeCreate is a digital agency based in Reading, Berkshire and undertake a range of services for the likes of Oxfam and the University of Oxford. WeCreate specialises in website design, development and email marketing solutions. Our site is

Recent Perch Projects

WeCreate Design

We decided on put our own advice into action and developed our website using Perch. What better way to promote a product that to use it yourself. Our new website runs solely on Perch, is fully responsive and utilises apps like the Blog, Twitter, Forms and Backup.


Bliss provide a neat and innovative solution for property asset owners that leverage their professional management skills. Perch makes it extremely easy for a number of web editors to add new projects to their website.

Indigo Rye

Indigo Rye is an award winning hair stylist based in Caversham and Wallingford. The website boasts a number of engaging features including a bespoke slideshow system and news blog.

Why did you choose Perch?

We discovered Perch quite early on because of its ease of implementation. Many of our projects just don’t require all the functionality that complex content management systems offer. We found that some of the projects just required the client to do some some simple editing of their website content.

When we tried Perch for the first time we couldn’t believe how easy it was to get up and running, but also the ease of use for the client. Editing content was so simple that training wasn’t even required in some instances.

As we’ve been using Perch for a while now we know that it’s not just for small basic websites. It’s extremely flexible and powerful which has resulted in us using it for more complex sites where we traditionally used something like WordPress.

How do you find working with Perch?

Working with Perch is a joy. Installing and customising the CMS to your project can literally be done in 10 minutes. From an agency point of view, the CMS has filled a big gap in the market and gives us flexibility and peace of mind which you don’t get with any other CMS.

We know that some agencies or developers shy away from implementing a commercial CMS, but it’s actually one of the reasons why we chose Perch. We knew of the developers behind the product and knew that it would be reliable from day one and we’ve never been disappointed.

The CMS continues to develop in a way that is driven by those that use it on a day to day basis. How often can you say that you may have influenced the development of a certain feature or app? The support structure around Perch is excellent. If we ever have a problem or question we are never short of answers or advice.

All round an excellent CMS and we are delighted to be Registered Perch Developers.

How do your content creators/site owners find working with Perch?

Our clients love Perch as much as we do. The best part is that we can define exactly what they can see and edit. If they don’t need to amend something then we don’t show it within the admin. That means the editing environment is specifically tailored to their requirements, meaning they can start to edit website content with little or no training at all.

Having the ability to brand the CMS is also an excellent feature. Having our logo and branding on the CMS reassures the client that we are looking after them and their website.