People Love Perch: Chris Gerringer

We love to hear how much People love Perch and this interview is with Chris Gerringer of Paperbeatsscissors .

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’m Chris Gerringer and I run Paperbeatsscissors , a design studio based in Midwest US.

What sites have you used Perch for recently? – my personal profile site. Uses Pages, Form, Twitter, and Redactor apps. – a local coffee and bike shop based in the Midwest. Uses Form, Twitter, and Redactor apps. a portfolio site for a local designer. Uses Pages, Form, Twitter, and Redactor apps. – a site for a local church conference. Uses Pages, Form, and Redactor apps. a local leather worker. Uses Pages, Form, Twitter, and Redactor apps.

Why did you choose Perch?

My primary skills are in design, and development/programming are not my forté. Working with Perch gives me the freedom to be as creative as I want with my designs without having to be concerned about the nightmares I’ll create for myself when it comes to development. It’s by far the easiest to understand and implement of all the content management systems I’ve ever used, and I tell clients up front that it’s the only CMS I use. The support is timely and helpful, although the documentation is so good I’ve only had the chance to ask for help from the support once.

How do you find working with Perch?

Hands down the easiest CMS I’ve ever worked with. Installation on the server and page is a breeze, and creating custom content fields is pretty much a no-brainer. I’ve also never had an easier time training clients. With the “Help” field, I can tailor each field specifically to the client I’m working with. It’s refreshing to not get any more “Where do I find…?” emails.

How do the content creators/site owners find working with Perch?

I’ve had only overwhelmingly positive feedback from everyone that I’ve introduced to Perch. It’s easy to use, easy to maintain, and easy to update. I love using it because they love using it. Perch is awesome! Keep up the great work!