New Feature: Page Attributes

One of the new features in Perch 2.4 is Page Attributes. These give you a way to attach additional information to a page for your editors to manage.


This feature came about because many Perchers asked for a way to insert SEO meta information into pages, it was possible to do by creating a Perch Region for the head of a document but that seemed a little bit clunky.

We also had requests from Perchers who wanted to be able to attach an image to each page, or add a class to the body that could be updated by a content editor. Rather than creating a set number of specific fields that could be entered, we came up with a solution that seemed far more Perch-like, using Perch Template Tags to define exactly the fields that you want.

The video shows some of the ways in which Page Attributes can be used, there is a full transcript in the video techniques section of the docs – and check out the Page Attributes documentation for all of the details.