New docs, new version and a new Events app

It’s been a busy week for Perch. We’ve just released an update to Perch 1.5 – the snappily titled 1.5.5. This is a recommended update for all customers, as it includes a number of bug fixes and improvements. See the update page for the full lowdown.

Alongside 1.5.5 we’ve refreshed our documentation site. Much of the content is the same as before, but Perch has grown a lot over the last year, and the docs were beginning to show the strain. With so much being added to them, they needed a good reorganisation. We’ve also added a search to help you find things. Let us know what you thing, and how we can improve them further.

Something that’s new in the docs is information on creating your own Perch apps using the API. An example of how the API can be used is our new Events app. Whilst you can manage events as regular content in Perch, and use perch_content_custom() to produce some fairly advanced presentations, the Events app goes a step further, offering categorised events, auto-expiry and two full-blown calendar display options.

You can find the Events app, along with the existing Pages app, language translations and new plug-ins for TinyMCE and CKEditor in our Add-ons section.