Migrating sites with Backup and Restore

Perch Runway includes a scheduled backup feature, which enables you to run automated backups of your site’s content, keeping your content safe.

Backup and restore has uses beyond just disaster recovery, however. I’m sure most of us have been in a situation where a client wants more work doing on their site, but to do that you first need to get an up-to-date working copy of their site up and running in your staging or dev environment.

This normally means making and downloading a copy of the database, and importing it into your local site to make sure you’re working on the latest copy. Unfortunately, that can then leave you with a pretty broken looking site as you don’t have all the images and files that are referenced from the pages. This then means connecting up to the web server and downloading sometimes hundreds of megabytes of images and file content to get your dev environment looking and working correctly.

It’s a pain. However, Perch Runway has some tools to help. The first is backup and restore, and the second is cloud storage. To show you how, I made a short screencast.