Meet the Perch team

Drew McLellan and Rachel Andrew, the team behind Perch, are speaking at and attending various conferences this year.

Drew will be speaking about the lessons learned when developing and supporting Perch in a talk entitled “The Original Hypertext Preprocessor” at the PHP Community Conference in Nashville in April.

In May, Rachel will then be at Future of Web Design talking on the subject of, “10 Development Concepts a Design Should Know”. That talk swiftly followed by one on CSS3 for Microsoft Tech Days.

In July Rachel will be in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, speaking about Content Management Systems for the Highland Fling Conference.

You can always find out where we are speaking and attending by checking out our Lanyrd Profiles. If you find yourself at a conference with us come and say hello, we love meeting Perchers face to face!

Drew on Lanyrd
Rachel on Lanyrd