Make Great Websites Faster

Something that we hear very frequently from Perchers is how Perch can do a lot more than they initially thought, we have seen people recommending Perch – and mentioning that Perch “is a lot more powerful than you think”.

We’ve always referred to Perch as the really little CMS. Yet the Perch that we shipped with back in 2009 and the Perch you have today are two quite different things – despite the core use case, the simplicity of being able to pop Perch Regions on a page and start editing content being the same.

We’ve been talking about this a lot. We keep finding Perch lumped in with very tiny content editing solutions, and with static site generators. If other people are seeing our solution as more akin to those things then we have an issue of perception. We don’t want your clients to think you are using something “lightweight” or less capable for their projects. We also want to make sure that people looking at Perch for the first time understand what it is they are buying.

We know from talking to you that the things you find important about Perch are aligned to our core values.

We know that you care about doing good work and great design and that the CMS doesn’t interfere with your mark-up or design choices.

We know that you care about being able to create and deliver sites quickly to clients who may be on limited budgets – while still making a profit and doing good work.

We know that you don’t want time spent trying to configure a CMS to eat into the design time for the project.

We know that you care about your sites loading quickly in the browser, and that your clients can edit the content easily and quickly without needing a lot of training.

Thinking about all of these things we have decided to try a new strapline for Perch. We’re not so “really little”, but we do help you to make great websites faster. Faster in terms of the ability to provide budget conscious solutions for your clients, and literally faster in terms of website performance. Perch hasn’t changed, but we want to be able to shout from the rooftops about how it is helping our Perchers build great design businesses.

We’re helping you make great websites faster, because a good CMS should be getting out of your way and supporting the end goals of your projects, and those of your clients, and that is ultimately what we aim to do.