Introducing Perch 1.5

As well as being our first birthday (Perch is one year old today!) we’ve just launched version 1.5 with all sorts of interesting new features and some small fixes for existing functionality. You can get the full lowdown on our update page

Amongst the things we’re most excited about is a new Pages app. This is an optional add-on to Perch which enables you and your clients to dynamically create new pages within your site. It’s built on Perch 1.5 other major feature – a developer API, which will open the doors for all sorts of Perch addons and extras.

We’ve also done some major upgrading to the perch_content_custom() function to help you reuse content around your site. This now contains content filtering options, making it possible to have listing and detail pages, event listings that drop off the site once their date has passed, items listed by category or tag and so on.

To get you up to speed with some of the new features, we sat down in front of a microphone and chatted about what’s new in Perch 1.5.

What’s new in Perch 1.5