How to use the new support system

If you’ve needed to ask for help, or visited the forums in the last couple of weeks you’ll be aware that we have moved over to a new, integrated system for support, forums and documentation. We hope that this will help to end confusion about where to post and make it easier for us to support you and for the community to help each other.

The new system makes a distinction between Support Tickets and Forum posts. Support tickets are private – and should be used for urgent issues – for example if you upgraded your live site and something isn’t working correctly. These can also be used for installation and initial setup issues where you need to post your Diagnostics Report or config.php, or bug reports. In general tickets are for reporting problems.

If what you have is a question about how to build something using Perch then please post to the forum rather than raise a ticket. Forum posts can be seen by the whole community. We’ll be answering these just as we do support tickets, but the answers can then be seen and searched by everyone. In addition our community can chip in. When it comes to integrating Perch with a jQuery plugin or implementing a specific feature, you may find that another designer who uses Perch knows the answer before we do. We know Perch very well, but aren’t familiar with every single carousel plugin out there!