Hosting for Perchers recommended by Perchers

We are often asked which hosting we recommend to use with Perch. However “the best” hosting can depend on a large number of variables – including your location, the site requirements, your or your client’s needs in terms of contacting support and the type of hosting you want. In our recent survey we asked If given the choice, which hosting company would you use?. Here are the results. Hosting for Perchers, recommended by Perchers.

If you are choosing a host my companion post to this one gives some suggestions on choosing a good post, heavily based on the issues we deal with in support.

Notes on the data

316 people gave an answer to this question. So the number of recommendations are the number of people who mentioned that host as their favourite out of that total.

61% of Perchers typically choose shared hosting. So hosts that only offer VPS or dedicated plans will come out lower than they deserve to.

This can’t really be treated as a league table of hosts. Those in the top 23 are hosts in countries where we have a lot of Perchers. Therefore we would expect more votes for those hosts. However as this was a free text answer, each host listed below has been recommended by at least one of their customers. It should be noted that this is the first time we have heard of most of the hosts – especially those with one or two votes. This is a good thing! We tend to only hear about poor quality hosts in support, when Perchers are struggling with a host.

The price guide is the cheapest plan offered by the host – often the cheapest plan isn’t the best to get and as some hosts only offer VPS and not shared hosting these are not directly comparable but I thought it might be interesting.

If you feel a host has been misrepresented in location or price, drop us a line or add a comment. Feel free to add comments recommending your favourite hosts – actual recommendations only please, we won’t publish anything suspected to have come from a hosting company representative!

The top 23

A number of hosts came out on top of the survey. There are some of the bigger names in there as you would expect. However we also see a strong presence for some less well known names, and hosts outside of the UK and US.

Recommended by Host Location Price guide
28 Media Temple USA $20 per month
17 Digital Ocean NY, USA $5 per month
12 Linode NJ, USA $20 per month
11 Rackspace $29.20 per month
10 Heart Internet UK $4.20 per month
10 Dreamhost USA $8.95 per month
9 TSO Host UK $7.48 per year
8 123 Reg UK $15.26 per year
8 Webfaction UK $8.50 per month
7 1&1 UK (and international)
7 Hostgator USA, Texas $3.96 per month
7 A Small Orange USA, Durham NC $35 per year
6 Vidahost UK $4.15 per month
6 Germany $6.94 per month
5 All-Inkl Germany $6.87 per month
5 site5 USA, Denver CO $4.95 per month
5 Bluehost USA, Orem UT $4.95 per month
4 Clook UK £5 per month
4 Hosteurope Europe
4 USA $1.89 per month
4 34sp UK £4.95 per month
4 Memset UK
4 OVH USA $2.99 per month

Honourable mentions

I wanted to include all hosts mentioned in the survey as included in some of these with only one or two votes are hosts in countries where we have fewer Perchers.

Recommended by Host Location Price guide
3 Heroku USA, San Francisco, USA
3 eukhost UK £55 per month
3 Pair USA, Pittsburgh PA $5.95 per month
3 Europe €3 per month
3 United Hosting UK £5 per month
3 Arcustech USA, Minneapolis MN $12.50 per month
3 Servint USA, Reston VA $69 per month
2 Versio UK
2 Bytemark UK £15 per month
2 Big Wet Fish Northern Ireland £9.49 per month
2 Eleven 2 USA, Spring TX $59.40 per year
2 LCN UK $48
2 Kualo UK $2.75 per month
2 Fortrabbit Germany, Berlin £10 per month
2 Liquidweb USA $14.95 per month
2 UK £20 per year
2 Krystal Hosting UK £9.99 per month
2 Mothership New Zealand $10 per month
2 KnownHost USA, Dallas TX $25 per month
2 Cyon Switzerland $8.99 per month
2 Domain Factory Germany
2 Netherlands
1 Hosting UK UK £2.95 per month
1 1 £5 per month
1 UK Fast UK
1 Panthur Australia $5 per month
1 Wesh UK
1 justhostme UK £2.99 per month
1 Belgium
1 4u Hosting UK
1 UK2 UK £6.71 per month
1 111webhost UK £1 per month
1 doominio Spain €49.95 per year
1 Servwise USA, Wyoming $50 per year
1 Let’s Host Ireland €3.95 per month
1 Sub6 UK £5 per month
1 UKWSD UK £2.99 per month
1 Namehog UK £59 per month
1 UK £15 per year
1 $5 per month
1 Siteground $3.95 per month
1 Xilo UK £3.99 per month
1 Namesco UK £4.16 per month
1 Server Love UK £15 per month
1 Stormweb Development Ireland £4.25 per month
1 Geek ISP USA, Carrboro NC $5 per month
1 EngineHosting USA $45 per month
1 UK £25 per month
1 IndedMedia Spain €7.50 per year
1 Campusspeicher Germany €95 per month
1 Surpass Hosting USA, Orlando FL $120 per year
1 Binero Sweden 158 KR month
1 mddhosting USA, Franklin IN $6.38 per month
1 4goodhosting Canada $2.95 per month
1 Webnames Canada Canada, Vancouver $4.95 per month
1 Funio Canada, Verdun Quebec $5.83 per month
1 Double 6 Ltd UK
1 Pagoda Box
1 WebDrive, NZ New Zealand $15 per month
1 Melbourne Hosting Australia $25.95 per month
1 Dinahosting Spain €2 per month
1 Arvixe USA, San Luis Obispo CA $4 per month
1 MacHighway USA $2.95 per month
1 Canvas Host USA, Portland OR $4.99 per month
1 New Zealand $7 per month
1 Pulsant UK
1 Poland 8.00 zl per month
1 Germany
1 MidPhase India $2.95 per month
1 Net Registry Australia $7.95 per month