Customer Stories: Todd of Xiiro

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Todd of Xiiro


I started using Perch in early 2010 and have also used MODx, MojoMotor and WebYep. The primary reason I recommended Perch to the client below was because at the time it was the only lightweight system that didn’t appear adversely limited in its capabilities and I felt Perch offered enough wiggle-room to grow and mature with the site. Also, apart from any technical considerations, something that often gets overlooked yet factored heavily into my buying decision was the technical support from Rachel and Drew which has always been fast, friendly and thorough, both pre-sale and after.

Many lightweight CMS options are flat-file based for simplicity which can be beneficial but they also lack the basic real-world features, power and flexibility required for most projects. Perch strikes that balance nicely. I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing functionality for user-friendliness nor do I need to use an overkill CMS the client doesn’t need, want or understand.

The overall ease of deployment is my favourite thing about Perch.

- Todd

Example site
Perch features used: Custom templates for video, backup app.