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Matt Stauffer of Matt Stauffer Design


I started using Perch in early 2010 and I’ve also had experience working with WordPress and Drupal. In the end, I chose Perch because of its simplicity. Perch is easy for my clients to use and easy for me to implement.

Perch hasn’t changed the way I create sites, but instead is the first CMS to work with the way I naturally create a site. I can now design and code the site however I want, and then plug in Perch to the fully-functioning site – often after I’ve launched an initial pure HTML & PHP version. Before, I had to design sites around how easy or hard it would be to adapt existing Wordpress templates to look like what I wanted. It was limiting and frustrating.

My clients have been consistently satisfied with how easy the editing experience is. With Wordpress (don’t even get me started on Drupal), the learning curve was very high, requiring my clients to learn about posts versus pages versus custom post types. With Perch, the moment they log in they have the content in front of them, ready to be edited. Perch makes training clients much easier.

I love that, when using Perch, I can create the web sites I want to create, and then plug in Perch almost as an aftersight. It’s fast and easy – and it doesn’t force me to shape my entire design and programming process around its templating system. Rather, I just plug it into an already fully-functioning site and go.

- Matt Stauffer

Example sites
Perch features used: tinyMCE, perch_content_custom
Perch features used: tinyMCE
Perch features used: tinyMCE, perch_content_custom
Perch features used: tinyMCE, perch_content_custom